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Residences of the Presidentses: Kalorama and Dupont

Check out two of DC’s most beautiful neighborhoods and discover an insane amount of presidential history! Every POTUS from 1901 to 1945 spent some of their years living in Kalorama or Dupont Circle. You’ll see their homes, explore their stomping grounds and hear their stories -- including affairs, bitter rivalries, power plays, great triumphs, tragic downfalls, second chances, assassination attempts, and even a huge explosion.

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Residences of the Presidentses: Lafayette Square and Foggy Bottom

Neighborhoods near the White House have always been a presidential playground! Our history geek will take you to Foggy Bottom and then Lafayette Square – one of the most famous public spaces in the world. You’ll see where presidents lived, worked, partied, plotted and worshipped – before, during and after their time in office. You’ll check out some of DC’s oldest homes and hear the stories behind them: the founding of DC, scandals worthy of Real Housewives, a shootout, slaves fighting for freedom, a city on fire and lots more.

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Assassinations Capital: Presidential Crime Scenes

Some of the most notorious crime scenes in DC are hidden in plain sight. Strolling from the Capitol to the White House, you'll see the locations of four presidential assassination attempts. Your guide will share the motives, the manhunts, and crazy coincidences that might have changed history forever. This tour starts on the east side of the U.S. Capitol and ends by the White House.

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